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Since 1991 Bright Window Specialists, Inc. has been providing and installing windows and doors in wood, steel, aluminum and bronze. Our window and door products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and are proudly handcrafted to meet an owner's, architect's and builder's most exacting requirements. Our windows and doors go beyond customization to true design flexibility.

  • Double hung
  • Casement
  • Tilt and Turn
  • Horizontally sliding
  • Hoppers, Awnings, and Fixed
  • Open in/Open out
  • Lift and Slide
  • Slide and fold
  • Bifolding glass walls
  • Enclosures
  • Skylights


Our steel windows and doors provide superior strength and durability, sustain their beauty, and last a lifetime. Our steel products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly process beginning with 100% recycled steel through a finishing process free from all V.O.Cs. Our steel windows and doors are certified to accommodate large glass sizes while maintaining the narrowest frame depth and site lines. They meet and exceed F.B.C. and Dade County impact requirements, as well as fire rating requirements up to two hours.


Architects and builders have long appreciated aluminum windows and doors for their overall strength, lasting value and ability to maximize views. Today's aluminum windows and doors offer thermal properties, utilizing thermal breaks to improve their performance. Our aluminum products offer the sleek lines architects demand and the energy efficiency homeowners require.


Our wood windows and doors are available in many species, with the ability to combine different interior and exterior species on the same product. We provide wood windows and doors clad in aluminum, bronze, copper or stainless steel with factory asymmetrical finishes, combining custom colors, clear finishes and stains. Our wood windows and doors can be manufactured using lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an organization devoted to preventing deforestation.


Our interior and exterior bronze products offer the ageless beauty of solid bronze, with elegant site lines and durability. Bronze can be patinated to your desire or left natural to create its own appearance in your environment. Bronze is maintenance free and will never rust.

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