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Value-engineered investment for you.

Why Choose Hope’s® Windows?

Avant-garde technology. Hope’s® Windows is the world’s industry leader in custom manufacturing of solid, hot-rolled steel and bronze profiles.

With a diversified application, Hope’s® Windows impressive portfolio can best serve you from residential, historic landmarks, commercial and education, thermal evolution technology, hurricane and impact resistance, blast mitigation and bullet resistance, to detention and correctional facilities. Nothing is impossible with Hope’s Windows.

Unrivaled power of the 5-finishing system. Hope’s steel doors and windows are polished to your precision with its specifically curated 5-finishing system – refined substrate, advanced pretreatment, E-coat immersion, abrasion-protected coating, and superior polyurethane top coat.

Forging an alliance with PPG Industry – the forerunner in advanced coating technology – Hope’s® Windows spearheads a product line with corrosion-resistant, infinite color, and durable E-coat finishing system.

Handcrafted down to the last detail. Excellent artistry and precision-engineering call for a talented team of blacksmiths. More than the steel itself, Hope’s® Windows sets unprecedented strength and functional performance with its fusion welded corner joints, triple weatherstripping, and low-E glass. With Hope’s® Windows long-lasting value, you get your money’s worth.

Jamestown175 Series

Safeguards you from harm.

Driven with unparalleled strength, Hope’s Jamestown175™ Series hot-rolled steel window and door profiles exceed the most stringent hurricane, blast and impact-resistant requirements of IBC, IRC, FBC and Dade County. Your protection is guaranteed with Jamestown175™ Series.

Landmark175 Series

Your superior steel choice.

Matched with Jamestown175™ Series’ features, Hope’s Landmark175™ Series offers you a clean, bold and, narrower sightlines with its two-hot rolled steel sections. Sealed with triple weatherstripping, Landmark175™ Series stops your unwanted infiltrations.

Thermal Evolution Technology

Thermal efficiency at its best.

Thermal Evolution™ Technology reengineers steel’s intrinsic strength and classic beauty with innovative thermal breaks to keep you warm. Patented by Hope’s Windows, Thermal Evolution Technology™ is your exclusive manufacturer of hot-rolled, thermally-enhanced steel windows and doors.

One55 Series

Historical preservation made possible.

Hope’s® Windows respects the traditions of the past with its One55 Series. Designed specifically for historic steel windows, One55 Series duplicates the old-world style with modern, hot-rolled, blast-tested steel technology. Your rich history is best preserved with Hope’s One55 Series.

University Series

A modern replica of the old-fashioned past.

University Series intertwines historical style with advanced window expertise. Charting over centuries of rich legacy, your exterior-putty glazed windows are subjected to impending wear and tear. University Series restores your steel windows to its timeless sophistication.

Empire Bronze

Classic beauty right in your hands.

Hope’s Empire Bronze doors and windows stand the test of time with its supreme strength, alluring appeal, and stylish sightlines. Effortlessly exuding an aura of elegance, Empire Bronze matches your classic staple of refined, long-lasting beauty.

5000 Series

Expertly crafted for your forte.

Hope’s expertise on hot-rolled steel windows expands to a dedicated, full-line of specialized steel products. Uniquely fabricated to your taste and needs, 5000 Series realizes your design vision to life through its 12-gauge formed steel sections.

Fire-Rated Windows and Doors

Your defense from the hazard.

Hope’s doors and windows come to your rescue with its wide range of 60, 90 and 120-minute fire-rating. Coupled with impact-approved Jamestown175 Series and 5000 Series windows, Hope’s fire-rated doors and windows shields you against undesirable harm.

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