Solar Innovations® is the Expert in Restoring, Replacing, Installing & Designing your Windows through our Glazing Systems

Streamlined source of energy-efficient products.

Quality from design to installation.

Why Choose Solar Innovations®?

Strong core values. Since 1998, Solar Innovations® is rooted in its brand pillars of safety, innovation, customer journey, growth mindset, sustainability, and teamwork. With the team’s unwavering commitment and solid expertise on fabricating leading-edge products of highest quality standards, your architectural glazing needs are honed to reality. Solar Innovations® is instilled by the people, and for the people.

Single-source vertical integration. Driven by excellence, Solar Innovations® pioneers the shortest lead times in the industry. Exclusively American-made, architectural glazing systems are vertically integrated with decorative, screen and shade systems. Custom-engineered styles of aluminum, vinyl-composite, and solid wood are crafted locally to render you value-based pricing.

Sustainable and green initiative. Solar Innovations® proudly boasts of its in-house LEED Gold-certified manufacturing facility in Pine Grove, PA. Compelled with a self-starting attitude, Solar Innovations® moves you towards a green movement through its sustainable practices and eco-friendly products. Sustainability is the future.

Operable Doors and Windows

Bringing outdoor to your indoor space.

Solar Innovations®’ full-line of operable window and door products bridge the gap between your exterior and interior zones. From thermally-enhanced aluminum to wood framing system, each door and window is equipped with the latest technologies to enhance your live-work area. Whether you steer towards folding, slide and stack, or tilt-turn glass windows, Solar Innovations®’ massive product line has it all for you.

Glass Structures

Custom transparency at best.

The structural integrity of facade systems meet the aesthetic appeal of pristine glass options. Reimagine the sun rays soaking up your skin while being surrounded by an airy, plant-filled indoor space — this is where Solar Innovations®’ expertise of greenhouses, conservatories, and sunrooms come into play. Let the light in with these expansive glass structures.

Skylight Systems

Play with light.

Increase your visibility and decrease your energy costs with skylight systems. From fixed, to operable and retractable — all skylight systems are custom-designed, thermally-efficient, and moisture-protected. Built with high-performance insulated glazing system and coated with a strong PVB layer, Solar Innovations® marries function and strength with skylight systems.

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