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The miracle metal.

Custom extrusions for your needs. Reimagine the unthinkable with aluminum.

Aluminum is the most in-demand window and door framing material. With infinite design possibilities and host of advantages in store, aluminum is unsurprisingly on an upsurge.


Lightweight but has robust strength, aluminum is three times stronger than PVC and four times sturdier than wood. Unlike ferrous metal, it does not rust. Aluminum does not warp, rot, swell, and split like wood. This corrosion and weather-resistant material can endure extreme climatic conditions. Our high-strength Solar Innovations® aluminum doors and windows render your home a long-term value from its extended life cycle.


Aluminum offsets upscale material costs through its weight reduction. This low-cost framing material proves to be an economically-viable solution for your home. For over two decades, our expertise in aluminum doors and windows is rooted in its pragmatic installation. From domestic to commercial applications, Solar Innovations® can customize cost-effective, simple, and elaborate systems suited to your needs.

Custom Design

Sleek and slim aluminum profiles maximize your panoramic views. Shaped and molded to any configuration, complex geometries of glass facade systems are now possible through aluminum. Our finishes range from anodizing, painting and powder coating with an integral color of your choice. Leaving no dents and scratches, Solar Innovations® fabricate aluminum doors and windows flawlessly in line with your exact specifications and glazing options.

Environmental Impact

Aluminum is granted as the LEED-certified building material of choice. Non-toxic and renewable, architects and builders utilize aluminum for green building status. Its recent emergence to the top is undoubtedly attributed to its sustainability. High-recycling rate, VOC-free, minimal ecological footprint.

Solar Innovations® aluminum doors and windows gear you towards the greenest choice.

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Crisp. Clean. Modern. Aluminum goes beyond the aesthetics to perform optimal function and strength performance.

Get sleek with aluminum!

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