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Build Strength and Flexibility in your Home with our Custom Steel Windows and Doors

Strong is the new beautiful.

Timeless beauty. Maximum longevity. Massive curb appeal impact. Steel redefines the hallmark of traditional and modern aesthetic.

We integrate our high-quality steel doors and windows with advanced technology. Stylish, sleek and durable, steel leads the forefront in innovation. Backed with decades of manufacturing and installation experience, we are continuously seeking groundbreaking ways to improve the inherent properties of steel.

Superior Strength and Beauty

Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio. It can hold heavier panes as compared to other window options. Hope’s® Windows utilizes this to create lightweight steel profiles and clean, narrow sightlines for your doors and windows. This means more natural light and picturesque views for your home.

Eco-Friendly Material

Steel is the only building material that can be fully altered and reused originally without a change in its properties. Hope’s® Windows proudly advocate the VOC-free finishing process of 100% recyclable steel. With low thermal performance and unmatched life cycle, this energy-efficient material cuts back on your maintenance and operation costs.


High-end residential, towering skyscrapers, industrial factories, corporate offices, and retrofitted projects – steel is as versatile as it can be. Whether you are leaning onto the classic turn-of-the-century or a modern cubist house, steel doors and windows always blend right into your tailored configuration.

Ease of Installation and Operation

By nature, steel is intrinsically low-maintenance and economical. Classic hardware like handles, closing devices, and operators are available to no exception. Our factory-assembled Hope’s® steel doors and windows have superior rust protection and arrive on-site without any structural defects, thus lessening your labor and installation costs.

Security and Protection

We manufacture our steel doors and windows to a two-hour fire-rated design. Hope’s® Windows’ code compliance on FBC and Dade County meet the most stringent requirements on blast and impact resistance. We integrate cutting-edge technology like triple glazed glass units and thermally broken frames to exceed the energy demands of your home.

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Exceptional strength, cost-effective, exquisite taste – steel is definitely a smart investment.

Choose steel. Choose smart. Choose Bright Window Specialists.

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